• Doug Crawford

whats going though your head as you go though the gates?

If you are anything like me not much happens between the ears when you are in the moment charging down a race course, but if thats what you are like you will have also been though some pretty inconsistent races.

Having a clear mind during a race is very important, you don't want to be thinking about whats for dinner or how good Essendon was last night or wondering if that special someone text you back yet. Although having a clear mind doesn't mean having a blank mind. When a coach or sports psych say you should have a clear mind, they are meaning clear or free of distractions. Just thinking about the task at hand.

When I am racing I tend not to think about what line I should take or how to tactically attack the course. I think about how have I done in training. Only the elite have the muscle memory to think about the line they take so don't stress out too much when you don't have the the perfect line, just focus of technique.

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